Headphones And Gadgets

Episode 555: Headphones And Gadgets – 3 August 2019

This week, Steve gets new headphones and we introduce some new products sold by us at Computer Room Services, including new Daisy players and a new labelling system.

External Links

All the WayAround products in one place for purchase from Computer Room Services

The WayAround Home Page

E5 Daisy Player

Evo E10 Daisy Player

AKG Y500BT Headphones Black from Amazon

Naidex 2019

Episode 549: Naidex 2019 – 30 March 2019

This week, we talk about the Naidex 2019 exhibition, which we had the pleasure of attending, along with Sean Tibbets, CEO of CyberTimez, the manufacturers of the CyberEyez software. In fact, we won the Naidex 2019 Tech Innovation award for CyberEyez. Well done Sean and everyone working on CyberEyez, it has changed our lives!

Be Still, My Beating Heart!

Episode 507: Be Still, My Beating Heart! – 16 September 2017

This week, from an over-energetic heart, back to SIP.


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